Female passenger charged, ‘I got touched in incorrect way by Air Asia staff ‘, The airlines refused

Female passenger charged, 'I got touched in incorrect way by Air Asia staff ', The airlines refused

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The case of a scuffle made by Indigo staff with its passenger was not yet cooled, a woman passenger on AirAsia staff has accused of mistreatment. The woman was going from Ranchi to Bangalore.

The victim says that when she complained of dirt in the toilet to the toilet, the crew threatened her and caught it incorrectly. The incident is being told on November 3. The woman has filed a report in Bangalore against three employees of Air Asia. It has been said in the report that these three employees have misbehaved with him. According to the victim’s woman, the accused had harassed her even during the arrival of the Bangalore Airport, besides the aircraft. The victim says that she also humiliated her in front of the police.

On the other hand, Air Asia has rejected the allegations of a woman passenger by issuing a statement. Air Asia spokesperson issued a statement saying that he has followed the standard procedure for rowdy passengers. The statement said that the airline filed a complaint against the woman in Air Port Police and reported the matter to the DGCA.

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While giving details of the incident, Air Asia said, When the aircraft was going to take off from Ranchi airport, our senior cabin ku found that the woman who accused the accused was talking on the phone. He said that the woman’s traveler abused and abused her in some way, even though the female passenger continued to commit abusive behavior, as the woman passengers were going to Bangalore alone. On the landing of the aircraft in the city of Hyderabad, the captain said that he would let them go ahead with the promise of keeping him quiet. After the arrival of Bengaluru, the lady passenger was brought along with the crew coach along with the security staff to the airline’s passenger arrivals hall, The Lady Security Staff and two CISF personnel were taken to the airport police station.

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