Box office : Read full story of Tabu's bollywood film Missing

Box office : Read full story of Tabu’s bollywood film Missing

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Even if thriller movie is a little lower in Psycho, thrill crosses the boat. But if thrill is disappearing in a psycho-thriller movie then all the fun disappears. Manoj Bajpayee and Tabu ‘Missing‘ are thrill missing, so this film does not succeed in its purpose.

Film review : 2.5/5

this is story of Sushant Dubey (Manoj Bajpai) and Aparna (Tabu). Sushant Reunion (an island in the Indian Ocean, a region of France), and one night, arrives from the cruise to Port Louis, capital of Mauritius, with Aparna and three-year-old daughter butterfly. Sushant has a suite of two rooms at a beautiful resort there. When Aparna grows in the morning, she finds that the butterfly is missing from the room. She tells Sushant Both find butterflies around, but they can not be found.

They tell this to the staff of the resort. The receptionist explains that the resort’s premises is very big, but the butterfly will be in the resort only because security has not seen any girl out. Aparna wants to get help from the police to find her daughter, but Sushant refuses to do so. She tells her to find herself. If the butterfly is not available for a long time, Aparna is very worried and calls the police.

Box office : Read full story of Tabu's bollywood film Missing
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To check the matter, Ramkhelawan(Annu Kapoor), a hard and hard officer of the Mauritian police, arrives at the resort with his team. In the order of interrogation of Sushant and Aparna, they appear to be involved in the case. On the basis of information from Aparna, he also brought a person who was staying in the resort with a mall, but the matter got entangled rather than resolved. Ramkhelawan thinks that somewhere is unnatural, but he can not understand what is wrong ????

As long as they know something, Sushant and Aparna are away from the resort and have reached the jungle …

Box office : Read full story of Tabu's bollywood film Missing
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The embedment of the story is good, the location is also good, but this idea has not been well developed. Director Mukul Abhyankar has not been able to present it correctly. The thrill of a psycho-thriller film that should be background music, is not in the film. The whole thing runs in a flat manner, on a bound-tied path. The film is not boring, but it does not even have fun. If asked to see the film? So it is difficult to answer this question.

As far as acting is concerned, the star cast of the movie is good. Manoj Bajpayee is perfectly fit in his role. He is a great artist, but many times he gets entangled in the ‘method acting’, due to which he gets away from naturalness. There are many veils in Tabu’s character and he has played it properly, but his acting seems to be a little lacking in freshness. This character had a little more energy. Annu kapoor is looking nice in the get up of police officer.

Editing is also not very good. Yes, the film’s cinematography definitely influences. Many scenes seem good to the eyes Music of M. Cream is not worth remembering. This is Manoj Bajpayee’s first film as producer.

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