Honest Review : Arjun kapoor & Parineeti Chopra Fails to Impress With Namaste England

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Honest Review : Arjun kapoor & Parineeti Chopra Fails to Impress With Namaste England

When a presentation is liked by the audience and audience, then it finally starts and when a performance gets out of the ability to withstand the audience, then it starts playing in the middle – finish, now give away. ‘Namaste England‘ is a second-class presentation, which is seen, again and again, Audience getting bored and becomes very hard to spend time in the theatre. Here we will know the honest review of the film Namaste England. Acting looks average but film script looks more average than acting.

One question often arises in the mind that why I am watching? There can be many answers to this question, which depend on the individual’s test, mental level. But in the context of ‘Namaste England’, one answer does not come in the question, except that the Creator’s mind was about to make a film and he had money, so he could easily find the director, hero-heroine, other artist and technician Got it….

Honest Review : Arjun kapoor & Parineeti Chopra Fails to Impress With Namaste England
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A story in words of Namaste England:

Well, there is a story in this movie also to say. They also tell a little about it. Param (Arjun Kapoor) and Jasmeet (Parineeti Chopra) belong to the same village in Punjab. Param is a perfect son. He gives great importance to his family, and his motherland. Jasmeet is a progressive girl, who wants girls to have the freedom to take their own decisions. She wants to work out of the house, but her grandfather and father are very conservative.

The importance of girls for them is just cooking and raising children. The Param is filled with the truth. She keeps on looking for excuses to increase her proximity. After all, he succeeds in it. Talk goes to marriage. Jasmeet’s grandfather gets ready for marriage on this condition that Jasmeet will not be employed after marriage. On the wedding day, a friend of the Param irritates his father, in the rage, the Supreme slaps him.

The friend is from a happy family and he threatens the Param that he will never allow his honeymoon to be completed in Switzerland. Whenever the ultimate application for a visa to go abroad, the application is canceled due to the tension of his friend.

‘Namaste England’ has been promoted as the ‘Namaste London’ franchise, which came in 2007. But in both films no one except the name
There is no similarity. In effect, neither in the presentation, in acting, neither in direction nor in music. This film does not laugh, it does not rouse.There is no anything to compare with movie Namaste England and Namaste London.

In the first half, either the bhangra starts on Harbat or the uninterrupted dialogue of the heroine of the heroine or the lifeless romance of hero-heroine. Seeing the scene of the interval, it seems that there will be no constraint in the film in the second half, but this hope remains unfulfilled. His specialty of ‘Namaste London’ was his music, which was quite popular. The music of this film is also not worth remembering.

Namaste England Spoof with worst Script :

The script of the film is leaked. He has no direction. There is no breath in the dialogues. There are a lot of forest lanterns, but they are all beaten The director and writer have also tried to humble the ‘east and west’ which came about 50 years ago in a scene today, but that too is ineffective.

Vipul Shah, director of ‘Namaste London’ and Vipul Shah, director of ‘Namaste England’, does not have any mail. It seems, both films Individuals direct. The direction of Vipul Shah gives rise to the problem rather than covering the flaws of the script.

Arjun Kapoor‘s acting does not affect. It has more scripts and direction than its acting ability. They need to think seriously about the selection of their films. Parineeti Chopra is also ineffective. It is not difficult to guess where such films will take their careers.
In every word of Satish Kaushik, Darling speaks, laughs less and bore more. The rest of the artists are similar, though there was not much scope for them. Just Mallika Dua and Alangrita Sahay have managed to make a little impact.

One day, Harshreet (Mallika Dua), a friend of Jasmeet, meets her who lives in England. She tells him that Gurnam Singh Visa (Satish Kaushik) can help him out. Jasmeet goes to London alone, thanks to the treatment given to Gurnam. After that, Param too reaches London back to him illegally. There he meets Sameer i.e. Sam (Aditya Seal) and Aalisha (Alangruta Sahai). After this a new twist starts in the life of Param and Jasmeet.

Public Reaction After watching Namaste England:

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