Real review of Irfan khan's hindi movie Karwaan after 8 days

Real review of Irfan khan's hindi movie Karwaan after 8 days

Real review of Irfan khan’s hindi movie Karwaan after 8 days

Person having strange relationship with father. he justifies those responsible for not fulfilling his dreams. After some days his father dies, and everything changes. 

Film review and Brief Story of Karwaan 


Avinash and his friend Irfan (shaukat) come from city of bangalore to kochi with the news of father’s sudden death and during this visit, they get the time to think about their life. osing is sometimes the best way to find yourself. This is the story of karwaan. Every journey does not end like that as you thought. The film is also largely on this pattern. Inevitably, Avinash wanders between the tragedy and finds himself gradually. Most of the film scene from the south india, mainly three characters in the film Avinash ,Shaukat (avinash’s friend), Tanya(Mithila), make their life dilemma.

Real review of Irfan khan's hindi movie Karwaan after 8 days
credit : The Hindu

Film Director wants to give the movie direction towards Dark comedy and they did labour hard to present the movie on this track. It seems like, they wanted to show movie in different and funny. Moreover the movie Dakwaan looks like. But the situation shown in the movie is something awkward. 

If there is something best in the movie Karwaan, then it is dulquer and Irfan’s acting in the film. For Dulquer, It is quite interesting transformation of acting from Malayalam to hindi cinema.

Mithila Palkar is fine but does not leave any mark. Kharbanda’s special role is good. karwaan is not a story of volatility as you are hoping but you will come out with a sense of feeling in the heart that the end will be good.

According to Taran adarsh, Bollywood hindi film trade analyst, the karwaan just sustaining on the box-office. He updated on tweeted  on 6th august and yet going average on the screen. As for now karwaan made a collection of more than 12 crore.


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