"Tera Intzaar" movie review : Sunny leone and Arbaaz khan looking hot pair

“Tera Intzaar” movie review : Sunny leone and Arbaaz khan looking hot pair

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Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan pair together for the first time in the film ‘Tera intezaar‘. Several romantic suspense thrillers have been released this year in Bollywood but some did not get much better, and the film proved to be as cool as it. Sunny and Arbaaz’s pairing does not seem like the audience is more like. There is nothing like this from the songs of the film, which is not something that can pull the audience. Talk about the success of the film, the story is most necessary, but it seems he is missing the film.

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"Tera Intzaar" movie review : Sunny leone and Arbaaz khan looking hot pair
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Director: Rajiv Walia
Cast: Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone

Talk about the story of this movie, Arbaaz Khan has become a painter here. One day he makes a picture with his imagination. This picture emerges from Sunny Leone. This is how the meeting begins and then begins the process of love. But between this romance Arbaaz Khan suddenly disappears and in this way, Sunny Leone Arbaaz is out to find. After this there is nothing left for you in the story. You have tried to give everything to the story. There is also a horror angle and there are thieves but the story is not anywhere. There is no connection between the story and the director wants to bring the screen with Sunny and Arbaaz, do not understand. Sunny Leone has become so important in the story that everything has gone behind.

Talking about acting, Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leoni both seem to be staggering in this area. Neither Sunny is a very good actress and Arbaaz has not been able to do any good yet in the matter of acting. That is, ‘wait for you’ to decide if you do not have anything to do and you also wait for someone.

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