Happy birthday Monica bedi,She turn 43 years old,Know how this beautiful actress made gangster friend

Happy birthday Monica bedi,She turn 43 years old,Know how this beautiful actress made gangster friend

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Abu Salem’s ex girlfriend and actress Monica Bedi who has been serving life imprisonment for the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts (1993) have been 43 years old. She was born on January 18, 1975 in Chhabbeval. On this occasion, it is imperative to mention the story related to his life, who also caused a stir in the Bollywood streets. We are talking about their relationship with gangster Abu. Yes, Monica never used to live in Abu’s. Even after escaping from India, Monica has stayed with Abu for many years.

Monica Bedi was hit on Abu Salem in her first meeting. Monica Bedi and Abu Salem were met during a stage show in Salem. According to Monica, She was impressed with the tone of Salem’s conversation. After that, the relationship of both of them became very close. It is said that Monica Bedi has been with Dawn for a long time. Even when both were detained in Portugal, when both were together. Both of them arrived in Portugal from New Jersey City of America, where the Portuguese authorities arrested on the request of India.

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Happy birthday Monica bedi,She turn 43 years old,Know how this beautiful actress made gangster friend
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During the stage show, Abu told himself as a businessman. According to Monika, before the stage show, Abu used to change the name. But the idea of ​​talking to him was such that he had started liking it even before the first meeting. Though Monika believed we had our talk on the phone, but I thought there was some connection between us or both.

Monica says that I never thought that talking to a person on the phone-I would love to love her so much that she will not be left without talking. I would not say that I fell in love with her, but yes, it is definitely that I started liking her.


So that I was eagerly waiting for her phone the whole day and when the phone did not come, I would have been bitching. While talking on the phone Abu told me a very relaxed and settled person. Talking to them as if they were very close friends. I started to share all my things with him on the phone. After the show in Dubai, we both came so close that Abu used to call my phone every half an hour. They began to care enough for me.

After meeting twice in Dubai, when I came back to Mumbai, I asked Abu to come to Mumbai. They always make an excuse. Abu told me his name is Arslan Ali. Abu used to always use this name. Even when we were arrested in Portugal, Abu also named his name Arslan Ali.


Abu did not want me to go back to Mumbai from Dubai. So when I was in Mumbai, Abu called me to come to Dubai and said that if I stay in Mumbai then I will be in trouble. When I reached Dubai, he told me that you will not go back. He said that if you go back, the police will keep you informed about me. I thought that in two weeks I will return to Mumbai.

How do we know Abu also the world, but as long as I stayed with him, he was like a common man for me. He used to treat me well. He never allowed me to know the truth behind him. I always saw him helping the needy. He thought of me kind heart. I did not know anything about his past yesterday. I did not know what he did wrong.


We had a very personal relationship between the two. What was she related to whom I had nothing to do with her. I could not find any other than that. He used to care very much about me and my honor too. I can say that there was no time-bound relationship between us. In the early days, I did not know what kind of man he was, just his words touched his heart.

I came back to Mumbai for the first time with him for two or three days, but it was his good behavior with me. But when I started living with him then I realized that we were not for each other. I realized that we both have different thinking and understanding. Then I thought I would not be able to stay with him but he was not ready to understand and then the humorous date was September 18, 2002 when we were arrested in Portugal and separated too.


On the love story of Abu Salem and Monica Bedi in 2006, director Anurag Basu made a movie. In this movie, Kangana Ranaut played Monica and Shiney Ahuja in the role of Abu Salem. It was KBC’s debut film, for which he won a lot of awards. Imran Hashmi was also in the lead role in the film.


Monica started the second innings of career in the year 2008 by cutting off its share of punishment. She appeared in reality shows like Bigg Boss -2 (2008), Dil Jeetegi Desi Girl (2009) and Jhalak Dikhla Jaa (2009). After that, in the year 2013, She appeared in a very important role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s megabajt show ‘Saraswatichandra’. At present, She is busy shooting for Punjabi films.


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