Bollywood stars campaigning for justice of 8 years old child who gangrapped and murder

Bollywood stars campaigning for justice of 8 years old child who gangrapped and murder

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Once again this is ashed for the humanity. There is big question arises for the humanity. In jammu kashmir kathua, Gangraped of 8 years old child and after gangraped those giants killed innocent child. This news is trending over the world and our society is in fear for such incident. Now let’s see how bollywood actor and actress reacting and posting their view on social media.

A campaign has been started on social media to bring justice to the victim. Many film personalities on social media have posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the victim justice and have demanded justice at the earliest. A campaign has started on social media in protest of this incident.

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Sonam kapoor stands for 8 year girl and she written in hashtag like ”  Justice for our child”. There is ashed for guys who practise such mistake ,they must be punished and sentenced to death.

On other hand the beauty of bollywood Kareena kapoor or you may called her kareena kapoor khan. She also posted her photo with holding piece of paper where the thing is written like “I am hindustan #I am ashamed #justice for our child #8 years old girl gangraped and murder in devistahn temple #Kathua”

Vishal dadlani also showed his anger over the social media. He also said “Yet your blood is not getting boil, it is not your blood then its became water.

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We all have went through the situation that our government have such kind of law that they keep delay in the justice. these bollywood stars also have their own family and we have too then this anger is really meaningful. we must take stand with the innocent baby who just given her life in the age of 8 years.

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