New song from "Welcome to New york" has been released

New song from “Welcome to New york” has been released

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The third song from ‘Welcome to New York‘, released on February 23, 2018, has been released. Yes, the third song of the film ‘Mehar hai Rab Di’ has been released, singer Mika Singh and Khushboo Grewal, both of whom have given this voice their voice. This song has been played on Sonakshi Sinha and Diljit Dosanjh.

Let us tell you that Lara Dutta, Karan Johar, Boman Irani and Riteish Deshmukh are also going to be seen in the film. Salman Khan can also be seen for some time in this film.

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Shortly before the release of the song Nain slipped, Sonakshi and Salman Khan were seen dancing, and both of these couples were very much liked. Diljeet is going to be seen romancing with Sonakshi for the first time before she has been seen with him in a song “Move Your Luck Baby”.

Let us tell you that ‘Welcome to New York’ is a comedy film and Sonakshi plays a designer role in it. Let’s see whether this movie can show its amazing at the box office. Let’s see this song at the moment.

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