kangana ranaut reveal why she don't use social media account

kangana ranaut reveal why she don’t use social media account

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Almost all actor and actress have their own social media account. Social media accounts also help in film promotion and bounding direct connection between fans. But the only lady in the bollywood “kangana ranaut have something different opinion about using social media. She thinks that using social media is waste of time. And she don’t have social account as well.

She has given this update during the chit chat from the VH 1  tV show. She told that social media use to kill the time, its like a slow drugs where people become addicted and pass their important time reading about others life. She also said that she advised many times to open account on social media. 

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kangana ranaut reveal why she don't use social media account
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She don’t have account on social media but you will find many account in the name of kangana ranaut.They are fake or unofficial page of kangana ranaut. So don’t get confuse to see her name on social media.

She also said to while chit chat to the channel that her agent told many times to open account and they also include that you don’t post anything we will take care of your account but she have some other opinion about this ” She said that she will not do such work where her involvement was not included” .

She said – She can’t cheat with her fans and her profession and she don’t want to become copy girl as on social media happens everyday.

Listen from her why she don’t like to be on social media :watch video

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