Newly and Emerging Author Aman Aakash's Bus To Patna getting viral on web

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Newly and Emerging Author Aman Aakash’s episode “Bus To Patna” getting viral on web

Aman Aakash, who came from Choraut village in Sitamarhi district of Bihar, was an avid reader of the book since his childhood. On leaving the water by Nepal, Choraut village used to catch the flood bore every year. All the way down the road went off. People used to have knee-deep water in their homes. People used to go to higher places after leaving the house midnight. Children can not go to school. It becomes difficult to avail food and drinking water for a month.

Newly and Emerging Author Aman Aakash's episode "Bus To Patna" getting viral on web
Stylist and emerging author from Bihar

In these difficult situations, Inside the Aman, spark of enlightenment was taking part where he was skiing his skills of writer and journalist . His interest of reading since childhood, From his very childhood he had started reading Premchand, Phanishwar Nath Renu, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Harishankar Parsai. He was caught reading the controversial “Lolita” controversial work of Vladimir Nabokov and was fiercely scolded. However, this hobby of reading has never been opposed by family members. Read a lot of stories, read a lot of comics, read a lot of novels and so on.

He did schooling from government school that was situated in his village and afterwards he moved to patna . He lived for two years in Patna, he experienced the difficulties of middle-class families who lived in Patna, Kota and Delhi. How to handle the burden of expectations of their parents, village neighbours and so called society. How do you learn to manage everywhere from a small age ? There have been many such experiences for two years. Wanted to write it in words While staying in Patna, the story of every student preparing in his own and wanted to reach everyone lifestyle and put it on white sheet of paper.

After completion of two years in Patna, I went to Delhi University for graduation. The language was good, the style of writing was good, then i prefer Mass Communication as a career. I gradually completed 3 years in delhi and It completely changed my lifestyle. I was awarded with differents categories at the University of Delhi. I got skill of writing was greatly appreciated But the story of Patna was yet to be written.

Newly and Emerging Author Aman Aakash's episode "Bus To Patna" getting viral on web
After graduation from Delhi, Application was received in the Mass Communication Department in Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Wardha (Maharashtra) in Post-Graduation. There were too many Bihari friends here and everyone’s story was almost identical. Writing style changed in the two years of Wardha and Now I started writing in satire style. Still, there was a lot of relaxation in the heart .

Newly and Emerging Author Aman Aakash's episode "Bus To Patna" getting viral on web

For M.Phil. I got call from Makhanlal Chaturvedi National Journalism and Mass Communication University, Bhopal. That’s how i enrolled myself in Media Research. Here my intentions were something else. I had my clear vision or pain of Millions of students who was living in Patna and had to take their feelings on the page. What was then, the bus to Patna started. First of all, PatnaBeats gave it a place on its page.

In very short time it became viral in whole Bihar People liked it a lot. Too many calls and messages started coming. Even the Bihari brothers living in Dubai, France, America and London, greeted me with a personal message. The Patna Beats Podcast is currently doing bus to Patna, it can also be seen in a few days. Some publishers of Patna are ready to book it.

Right now, my whole focus is on writing. The author should avoid any kind of temptation and ambitions to take on emotions on paper. Only then will we be read from the heart and be loved.

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(Note : This Biography is narrated by Author Aman Aakash himself. He is one of best youngest writer of Bihar who is loving his skill and exploring the hindi language to the world. You can say that he is going to become 2nd chetan bhagat of hindi language because there is quite similarities between Aman and chetan like he is too good in elaboration of pin of tread on the paper of white sheet)

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