holy cross international school patna-Local BJP mla speaks about accused to cut into pieces

BJP MLA’s disputed statement on rape attempt in school – Break accused into pieces

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BIHAR (PATNA) ;- After trying to misbehave with a second-grade student of Holy Cross International School in Patna, local BJP legislator Aasha Sinha has given a controversial statement. They talked about cutting the accused into pieces in between the angry crowd surrounding the school.

It is learned that on Wednesday, when the guardian came to complain to the principal and director of the school on the complaint of the victim, the principal gave the revolver. The people have made the principal and the hostage hostage by surrounded the school. Meanwhile, Sweeper of the accused school has been arrested. Police are deployed due to tremendous stress on the spot.

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A crowd of locals and locals surrounded by the school is shouting against the school administration. They are demanding immediate closure of the school. Local MLA Asha Sinha, who reached the notice, said that such people should cut the kettles and bribe. He further said that the matter will go away as soon as the case goes. The principal shows the revolver to the victim’s family. Such elements denigrate the Nitish government.

When he was asked by the attention of the law, and after paying attention to the statement of justice, he said, look at the incident, do not catch me. Action is necessary in this case.

The angry mob is also involved in the incident. The crowd is watching this incident in connection with the verdict in the Ryan School located in Gurgaon, Haryana. According to the people, after the assassination, if the guidelines that were set by the CBSE to protect the schoolchildren were implemented, then today’s event may not have happened.

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