Bihari Deepak From Bigg Boss, 20 Lakhs Vs Bigg Boss Title

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Bihari Deepak From Bigg Boss, 20 Lakhs Vs Bigg Boss Title

The show on Colors TV has been declared for the Bigg Boss Season 12 victor.
Dipika Kakar Ibrahim has won a kept running in the finale race between Sreesanth, Deepak Thakur, and Dipika Kakar. This year, the show’s champ Dipika Kakar and Sreesanth was at number two. Deepak Thakur, who had anchored the situation at number three, took a major brimming with 20 lakh rupees and left the show in the center.

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Salman played a major wager with Top-3 Contestants, in which he solicited the three to pick one from the titles or the sum. This sum was 20 million. As per this, an unexpected can run home with the cash given by Bigg Boss. In any case, after that, he will be out of the triumphant offered.

It merits referencing that the measure of cash will be pulled back from Rs. 50 lakhs for the measure of Rs. 20 lakhs i.e., the individuals who get just Rs. 30 lakhs and trophy. When Salman Khan gave the proposals to the three finalists, Deepak Thakur said truly, that implies that the cushion has squeezed that he needs to take the money measure of 20 lakhs.

Salman Khan Demonstrate Deepak Thakur

Salman Khan said in the demonstrate that Deepak Thakur took the cash and took the choice to leave the show ideal on time since he got the most reduced vote in the three forests. In the event that Deepak had chosen to push ahead, cash would have left their hands.

The inquiry is, for what reason did Deepak, who originated from a little town in Bihar with a trophy, chose to leave the show amidst the street. Surely, Deepak revealed to Salman Khan that he needs to get hitched to his sister this year. From 20 lakhs, she will wed her sister grandiosely, which was troublesome for her to win in less time.

Give us a chance to reveal to you that Deepak Thakur came as a plebeian this period of Bigg Boss which began on September 16. His accomplice Urvashi had likewise joined him. Deepak is a pattern vocalist. In the 15 weeks he invested his energy in the house, he made an alternate fan base. Regardless of whether he had a play with Sommy or his broken English, he won the hearts of the fans. Deepak has a place with the typical family.

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As we know that every race has their endpoint, Here in the long race of Bigg Boss, Dipika kakar won the title of Bigg Boss 12. Sreesanth placed runner-up in the Bigg Boss whereas Deepak Thakur works smartly and taken 20 lakhs as a gift from Bigg Boss and quitted his game. According to Salman Khan, Deepak decision was awesome and played well in the whole journey of Bigg Boss 12.

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