unique story of person who is addicted to his work, story is from the 1950's London

Unique story of person who is addicted to his work, story is from the 1950’s London

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This week once again, history is a must. This story is from the 1950’s London. One of the big fashion designers of that time, who is so devoted to his work that he feels that things like marriage were not made for him. She keeps winning in this faith till then, until she becomes fond off. What is the cost of loving a creative genius, and what happens when such a genius automatically falls in love … The film opens with ‘fiber-ray-filament’.

Films formed by keeping fashion in the center are usually kept in the category of a virtual world different from life. But Phantom Threads, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, breaks this notion in its absolute form. This movie, which is woven by love, authority and human relationships, has long been able to stay in touch. The 1950 London film focuses on the life of renowned fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day Louis). Danielle’s dresses and gowns kill heroines, emperors and elite members of women.

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Handsome Daniel is so devoted to his work that he or she can be married or any other person in their work. Reynolds’ personality is quite mysterious. Inside the lining of his gaus, he hides his heart’s special secrets. His sister Cyril Woodcock (Lesley Manvel) lives with him, who is also his manager. One day at a restaurant, Reynolds gets a look at a beautiful waitress Elma (Vicky Crops). She is attracted to her and asks to take her on a date. Elma becomes persuaded. Gradually, Elsa’s presence in Reynolds’s life increases. He lived with them as his inspiration, model and girlfriend
It seems.

Reynolds adopts an attitude towards Elma from the very first day, just like he is accustomed to adopting other girls working here. Elma tolerates for a few days, but then he starts suffocating in this environment. But forced by the hands of love, he does not want to go back. He wants to control Reynolds at all times. She does not want to be dressed as a doll, but to be her partner. In this quest, he takes a very big step.

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The film is successful in capturing the audience altogether, although some people may find it slow to moderate, but the colors of most of the sensible films of this type are similar. And yes, the role of darshakhana in fashion along with fashion is also not less important. To the extent of Elma’s folly of Reynolds, the creative nature seems to be on the breakfast table. He comes in the morning to take breakfast, where Reynolds is engaged in his work and Siril is drinking tea with silence. Elma puts butter in her toast and mixes sugar in the tea.

The sounds that are used by putting butter on the toast and hitting the teaspoon cup are also enough to dent the concentration of Reynolds. Siril explains to Elma, “In the morning there is a separate divine solitude. Reynolds do not waste a moment of time too. “Such scenes force you to think that perhaps those who reach the peak of creativity, they will become addicted to the same extent. Although Reynolds has been shown not only about his work but also about his personal likes and dislikes.

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One day, Elma makes them asparagus (a special kind of greens) to make them shocking, but this time, Reynolds does not like this thing that she likes to roast in oil with asparagus salts and Elma fries it in butter Gave. To protest, she begins to sprinkle salt in her plate with salt. And yes, Mushroom is also a character in the movie, right now it’s okay to tell just about the story.

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