Beauty Tips for 2019: Try Honey and Ginger Juice, This Winter for Four Hair

Hair tips for 2019

Beauty Tips for 2019: Try Honey and Ginger Juice, This Winter for Hair

If you are really worried regarding your hair?? If you also face the same problem of falling hair in winter, dandruff split ends etc. Then you must try this remedy for giving your hair new birth. I really impressed with this remedy and totally loved it. I am sharing a personal remedy which is used by many people but some of us don’t know about this. So let us talk about the remedy and you will surely love this. Read on to learn about the benefits and use of ginger for hair.

Ginger is super food not regarding into your kitchen only but also for hair. Ginger is rich in nutrients that provide lots of benefits for health and hair too. This ingredient has been used for several years for treating cold, indigestion, muscle pain etc. Now this ginger is used for making many hair growth products as a key ingredient.

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Benefits of using ginger:-

  • Ginger juice can help to increase scalp blood circulation. Increasing blood circulation will help for your healthy hair growth. This juice is so magical that it can make your hair shiny and smoother you will again start loving your hair.
  • Next to ginger juice can help to prevent from dandruff and dry and itchy scalp. Ginger has natural antiseptic properties and anti-inflammatory which helps to keep scalp clean and more healthier than before.
  • Ginger juice also act as wonderful hair conditioner which make hair softer and smoother. This remedy will surely encourage your hair to grow more healthier than before.
  • This juice is the best treatment for dandruff as dandruff leads to itchiness and cause scratching your scalp which damage your cuticles and cause hair losses.
  • Ginger consists of a powerful antioxidant which known as gingerol this antioxidant helps to neutralize free rqdicals which leads to hair follicles and slower hair growth and results in breakage.
  • Ginger has various healthy vitamins, potassium and minerals which help to moisturize your hair and scalp and improve your hair sheen.

How to use ginger for hair :-

  • Ginger juice– You need spray bottle, honey, ginger and few drops of normal water. Firstly take fresh ginger and peel ginger skin and then grate it with the help of grater or food processor and then with the help of cotton cloth squeeze all the juice from the ginger. Put the juice according to your hair length in the spray bottle then pour some honey and normal water into the bottle now give the bottle a great mix and the spray directly onto your hair. Leave this for 20 -30 minutes and wash your hair with mild shampoo. Then see the magic after hair becomes dry.
  • Ginger Massage- For ginger massage, you need castor oil or coconut oil and ginger juice. Take ginger juice and any oil according to your hair length mix it and massage your scalp with this mixture for 10 minutes. Massage will improve blood circulation which helps in healthy hair growth. Now allow the mixture to dry for about 20 minutes then wash it with normal water.


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