Beating Bill Gates,One Who Became Richest person in the world

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Jeff Bezos Overtakes Bill Gates To Become World’s Richest Man

Beating the Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, the founder of e-commerce website, has now become the world’s richest man. As the world’s richest person, Jeff’s property is estimated to be worth $ 90 billion for the first time.

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This amazon guy have much potential in business. He know for his peculiar action of business. Till today what’s step he is taken is meaningful and given success to him. His famous quote on internet ” The man who can sell anything “It means he is best in marketing strategy as well.  

When the New York Stock Exchange opened on Thursday, Bezos’s net worth was $ 90.9 billion. Because of that, he came forward $ 500 million from Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Along with this, Amazon’s shares started on Thursday with an increase of 1.3%. Which was enough to bring Bezos forward from Bill Gates.

Now Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has become the richest person in the world, beating Bill Gates with $ 90.9 billion net worth. After the rise in shares, Bezos’s assets increased to $ 500 million more than Gates. Bill Gates has now reached the second spot with $ 90.7 billion net worth.

Lets know about Bill Gates he was  the one who is richest person in the world for years before.After a long time someone made this potential to beat him or replace him from his rank.Bezos is now the seventh person to become the world’s richest person. Apart from this, Gates and Berkshire Hathaway’s CEO Warren Buffett have also become third Americans in the top position in global ranks. At the same time, Bezos is a billionaire whose wealth has been the highest in the world in the last one year. According to the reports, his wealth grew 24.5 billion dollars (1.28 lakh crore rupees) in a year.


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