ASEAN Summit 2017: PM Narendra Modi meets Donald Trump, speculation market hot

ASEAN Summit 2017: PM Narendra Modi meets Donald Trump, speculation market hot

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On Sunday to attend the 15th ASEAN Summit and the 12th East Asia Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Manila, Philippines, to meet with the American President Donald Trump before the summit began. This is the second meeting between the two leaders within four months. Earlier, in July this year, Modi and trumps were found in the G20 summit held in Germany. Earlier, PM Modi also met the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo DuTerte, Premier Li Keqiang of China and PM Najib Razzaq of Malaysia. However, many meetings of PM Modi and Trump meet in these meetings are being extracted.

In the recent years, there has been talk of a friendly relationship between the US and India in recent years. An example of this was also shown on PM Modi’s visit to America, when Trump had organized a banquet in the White House for the first time after the President became the President of India. Apart from this, Trump has often praised India and PM Modi from the International Forum. However, two decisions taken by the US recently raised concerns about India.

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Last month, US-Canadian citizen, who had secured the rights of Haqqani network, Donald Trump himself praised Pakistan by tweeting. After this, on November 11, the US has announced financial assistance of US $ 70 million to Pakistan. Both of these decisions show the trump government’s soft attitude towards Pakistan, with whom India may be a little distraught. In such a situation, the meeting of Trump and PM Modi is being considered as very important and many types of speculation have begun.

National president of ASEAN countries clicked the group photo Through this, they were trying to give the message that all members of the ASEAN countries are like a family.

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Speaking on the proposal to strengthen cooperation on security between India, America, Japan and Australia. According to Indian officials, India, America, Japan and Australia negotiate quad talal (quadrilateral) relationships here. Everyone insisted that such cooperation is necessary in the Indo-Pacific region, where China is constantly increasing its military strength.Let us know that Japan had last month indicated that it would propose to negotiate at the top level between the US, India and Australia.

Before departing from India, PM Modi hopes that his visit will strengthen India’s bilateral relations with the Philippines and its political, economic, and social relationship with the ASEAN countries will come new. At present, 10.85% of India’s total business is from ASEAN countries.

Be aware that ASEAN’s full form is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. There are 23 countries of Asia Regional Forum (ARF), including the US, Russia, India, China, Japan and North Korea. This organization was formed on August 8, 1969 in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore formed this organization together.

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