Anushka Sharma Has Given Suggestion to The Censor Board

Now a day anushka sharma getting busy in the promotion of movie ” Jab harry met sejal “

Anushka Sharma is engaged in the tremendous promotion of ‘Jab harry met sajal’ coming up with Shahrukh Khan. During this interview, Anushka Sharma talked about the attitude of the censor board about the film with her media from the media, on which Anushka Sharma kept her opinion unambiguously. Anushka Sharma said, “The work of the censor board is to give the certificate to the film, not to censor the words of the film.”

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She even think its promotion time ,focus on promotion.Shahrukh khan said anushka don’t care about censor board. It’s fun and family movie.Just care about promotion. 

Speaking further in this, Anushka Sharma said, “I feel that once the film has got a certificate, it should be left to the people whether they take the ticket or not take it for the film, it should be their own decision that they are of such content. Look at the movie or not. “

Let you know that a few days ago the film was given a U / A certificate without any restriction. The mini trails were released for the promotion of the film. The word ‘intercourse’ was used in a trail in which the censor board objected and the board chairman Praj Aj Nihalani ordered it to be removed.

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