American Aviation Security Agency Transport Security Administration (TSA) Has Brought a New Rule, Motivated by india

Passengers traveling in air for the US will have to face strict scrutiny. American Aviation Security Agency Transport Security Administration (TSA) has brought a new rule:

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According to which any electronic gadget larger than mobile will have to go through X-ray screening. This new rule came out when the US banned people from traveling from Gulf countries like Dubai to get laptops and other electronic gadgets.Now america understood how countries like Dubai,Pakistan and many muslim countries affecting U.S not financially but they wants to control terrorism.This is the one of the step taken by america to control on security.


Let us know that America has adopted this method of India, in which every big gadget from the mobile has to face X-ray screening. So far the laptop or something had to come under the purview of security check, but now it will not happen.

It is being told that TSA officials will instruct travelers to take out their electronic gadgets from the bag and put them in an X-ray machine. These X-ray machines will be placed on the check point, where the standing TSA officials will tell the passengers how to undergo them for investigation.

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