According To University survey Explains Personality Trait People Who Bite Their Nails

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Unacceptable habit of common people :

Nail biting & Nail picking are one of the compulsive habit of general people,Today Gonna reveal the personality of people who bite their nails.The person who does them has an official medical diagnosis of anxiety or not,When we see someone biting nail or chewing nail by placing finger in mouth. We always think they trying to think something else assume that they’re preoccupied with something on their mind.The problem is that almost our assumption goes wrong after some important survey.

But here science has shown that there is a lot more going on behind the “nervous” habit than simple anxiety. It is found that according to survey nail biters have such personality traits that you were expecting for.

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Nail biting may dangerous to your health,while you bite nail many more bacteria and germs enter to your mouth and that is enough to make you ill and heavy ill.It lead to have much infection in your body.And in rare instances, these infections can lead to death like it did for one British nail-biter.

Apart from your health conscious, This nail biting or chewing is unacceptable behaviour  in socially.Instead of someone do such behaviour in public, They can become social outcast.

Studies find that 20-30% of the population bite their nails,and normally nail bitters are women or girls.The habit, which could be caused by anxiety, can result in a negative self-esteem issue, which in turn causes more anxiety.

According to a study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, nail-biting was found to be an indicator that someone is a perfectionist. Nail-biting occurs when the person is frustrated with imperfection – in the most basic case, a broken or chipped nail.

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