Aamir khan celebrated this valentine by listening memorable song ‘Pehla nasha’

Aamir khan celebrated this valentine by listening 'Pehla nasha'

For the Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, it was quite memorable on the morning of Valentine’s Day, because the actor started his day, especially on Valentine’s Day by listening to the song “pehla nasha” from the ‘jo jeeta wo sikandar”. This song has been popular over the generations and it is considered as an evergreen love song.

Aamir Khan remembered memories related to the first drug addiction and greeted his fans on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Also, the actor also said that this song is one of his personal favorites.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Aamir Khan wrote on social media, “Hello friends, listening to my song” Pehla Nasha “on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This is a perfect song for this day ….And, I must say that One of my favorite songs. All of you wish Valentine’s Day. 

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In the last few years, “the pehla nasha” has become an essential song to celebrate love, whether it is a marriage opportunity or Valentine’s Day, this song is considered the most appropriate song for the occasion of love and even today The song’s addiction speaks with the heads of everyone.

For the past several years, ‘Pehla Nasha’ has been making a place in the form of romantic anthology. After 30 years, this song is a refreshing expression of the audience and this is the reason why this song is still considered the perfect song for Valentine’s Day.

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