5 Points Will Help You To Lose Weight

Women consider beautiful creature of nature on the earth.One common things in indian women is that after marriage they won’t able to make herself fit and charming. If it happens here in india then the ratio is very less as compare to foreign countries.Look charming is not enough for attraction only,it’s also important  for your future life.

Today we will talk about some important points regarding health consensus issue.Here you will find they way to make yourself fit and fine by just following some important points.

POINT 1:   Massage for a 3 minutes,twice in a day. As it will helps in metabolism and it will to help in reduce Tiredness.


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POINT 2:  Take a look on point of the face,massage for a 5 minutes twice a day for controlling feelings of hunger and anxiety.


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POINT 3:  Massage on the point shown on the elbow for twice a day to get rids of swelling and improve the work of intestine.


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POINT 4:  Massage  by doing strong circulatory motion for 2 minutes 1-2  times daily as points shown on legs and under the area of 5 cm as shown on the image. It will helps in digestion and suppresses inflammation. it also works in eases SPASMS during PMS.


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POINTS 5 : Press and hold for 1 minutes, Once a day as shown on the Image.


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These five minutes of each day will really change your body and there is no expense ahead on your body.


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