5 Bollywood Horror Movies That You Can’t Watch Alone

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When it comes to watch horror movie, It feel like fear  all around the night. Sometimes you feel very scary in days after watching such horror movie.There are many such movie came into cinema but today we talked about top 5 bollywood movie that is very scary to watch alone in dark room. People who had watched these movie , They are very courageous but after when you sleep lonely in a dark room and such movie scene comes in your dream then that will your scary movement of night. You can’t suppose to sleep afterwards.

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RAAT  (1992)

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Raat (1992) Indian hindi supernatural thriller film written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma starring Revathi in the role of protagonist Manisha Sharma.After release of movie getting very positive response from the viewers and critics through all over the country.Movie is supernatural drama and well choreographed.The plot is set into motion when a kitten is killed and the leading lady is possessed with its spirit. After you watch this cult classic, you will never look at cats the same way.When you will be lonely in dark night theatre then might you would go for emergency.


RAAZ (2002)

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Raaz (2002) movie was directed by Vikram bhatt and produce by Mahesh bhatt and Mukesh bhatt.A young couple take a romantic trip in a bid to save their relationship, but events take a sinister turn.Here bips enter after some duration of movie but when she enters, she really fits all spares of the movie.There is scene of dark forest when soul enters the body that is very scary in this movie. People with small heart please don’t watch this movie lonely.


13 B : Fear Has a New Address (2009)

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13 B – FEAR HAS A NEW ADDRESS is a 2009 Indian psychological horror film written and directed by Vikram Kumar, starring Madhavan and Neetu Chandra in the lead roles. Manohar moves ,along with his family on on 13 B floor of apartment.However the place is disturbed by soul or spirit.Spirit uses the set of television to communicate that starts horror,13 B is definitely one movie you shouldn’t miss.


Horror Story (2013)

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Horror story is indian horror movie Directed  by Ayush Raina.In this movie a group of hot blooded youngsters planed to spent night in haunted hotel where nobodies dare to go, which turns out to be the biggest mistake ever.There are some genuinely frightening scenes that will make you jump off your seat.Those who wanted to chill through the movie then this movie is not for those for grant.


Phoonk (2008)

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Phoonk 2 is a Bollywood horror film written and directed by Milind Gadagkar. We well know about Ram Gopal Verma ‘s factory. His is superb known for horror and thrill movies.RGV had so much faith in his film that he promised to offer Rs 5 lakhs to anyone who would watch the film alone in the theatre and not run out scared. Some challenge that.Phook deals with practising Black magic.Happily married construction engineer doesn’t  faith on evil or God spirits.until one of the latter obtain his home,that forcing him to change the mind on that point of view.

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