You will be shocked to know about Monkey passion,Use to drink Petrol lieu of water


Generally you must have seen that any animal drinks water when it is thirsty but it is not so with a monkey in Haryana’s Panipat. Here a monkey drinks stolen petrol instead of water on the thirst, but drinks it.

According to the media report, when petrol was reduced or eliminated by people’s bike in Panipat, they scanned it, in which the revealing revealing was revealed. They came to know that this petrol is not being stolen but is drinking a monkey.

Gaurav, who runs a volunteer organization, said that this monkey has got addiction to petrol. He said that if this monkey now gives any banana or peanut, then he does not eat it. He said that this monkey has never attacked people.

Video Taken from NDTV

Many people have stolen petrol from a monkey bike and recorded drinkers who have recorded it in the camera.

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