Valentine’s Day 2018 : Why people celebrate Valentine’s Day,Let’s story behind

Valentine’s Day‘ every couple is waiting for this day. Although February is the month of love-affection, but on February 14 it is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is special for every couple.

Every couple who wins each other celebrates this day with their partner in their own way. But do you know why Valentine is celebrated. If not, then read these reports…

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated

It is said that ‘Valentine’s Day’ has been named after Saint Valentine. During the third century in Rome, King of Claudius used to be the king. King Claudius believed that marriage would end men’s power and intelligence. This is the reason why he issued an order in the entire state that none of his soldiers or officers will get married.

Valentine's Day 2018 : Why people celebrate Valentine's Day,Let's story behind
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His state’s saint Valentine encouraged the people of the whole state to get married, expressing strong opposition to this order. Many soldiers and officers got married after this attempts of valentine. When Raja saw that his order was continuously opposed, he placated Sant Valentine on February 14, 269. From then onwards, ‘Valentine’s Day’ is celebrated in his memory. This story is described in the book ‘Oria of Jacobus de Voragine‘ compiled in 1260.

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