US President Donald Trump appeals in China, said- Close all trade with North Korea


US President Donald Trump urged all countries on Thursday not to provide ‘assassins North Korean nuclear regime’ for nothing, to finance it and to stop trade with it. Addressing a joint conference at the Great Hall with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump said that both the leaders agreed to not repeat the failed methods to solve the North Korean crisis. Explain that Trump has reached China’s three-day tour.

China is a subsidiary of North Korea and is the largest partner in business. Washington believes that Beijing has more influence on Pyongyang due to close relations. A son of Mao Tse Tung, who is called the creator of modern China, was killed during the war in Korea against the US in the 1950s.

Trump said that President She and we have discussed our mutual commitment to North Korea’s complete nuclear disarmament. He said that we have not agreed to repeat our failed efforts of the past. We have agreed to fully implement all the Security Council resolutions and increase the economic pressure on North Korea. This restriction will continue until North Korea does not abandon its careless and dangerous path.

He said, All responsible countries should not kill the killer North Korean nuclear regime, should not be financed and should be together to stop trade. At the same time, China says that it will do everything possible to rein in North Korea, according to the UN framework, but it is not in favor of banning unilateral sanctions against this country.

Trump said, As long as we stand together with others, if they are threatened for our civilization against them, then this danger will never come in front of us, it will never get a chance to grow. He said,As I said in Seoul in my address, the whole world should be gathered against this threat of North Korea and now the whole world is watching us.

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