Bigg Boss 11 winner : Shilpa shinde Hot dance getting viral on social media

A video of Bigg Boss 11’s Winner Shilpa Shinde has surfaced, after seeing that you will also have a smile on your face. Actually, Shilpa’s dance video has surfaced in which Shilpa is dancing with her friends and TV actress Jiya Manek. Shilpa’s dance moves are the most defiant and funny. Seeing them, it is clear that they are in their fun.

Shilpa ‘Balam Pichkari’, ‘Radha’ is dancing on the horn. Shilpa, wearing a kurta of a colorful color and wearing a blue color succinctly during this time.

Celebration Begins 🎉 Her Dancing Steps are Lit ❤️😘

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OMG ❤️ The Way She Dance 😊 i L Y Shilmaa 😍 Angel on Earth ☺️

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Some important character she played inside the BIGG BOSS house :

Love of the fans :-

Let’s say that Shilpa’s fans support her very much. From the beginning of the show, Shilpa got the love of the fiance and by the end, the fans gave them the perfect finishing touch. Not only this, the fines of Shilpa had given his name a trend on social media.

Never heard of Salman’s scolding :-

According to media reports, Shilpa was a contention of the show who had never heard Salman’s scolding. The rest of the listeners listened to every weekend.

Never broke a rule :-

According to reports, Shilpa never broke any rule of Big Boss. He has always followed every law of the house.

Responsibility of mother :-

Shilpa became the mother of Arshi and Akash and attracted her fans towards her.


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