Toilet: Ek Prem Katha Real Review, Akshay Fights Against ill Tradition


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Review : 3.8

Most of us take our homes toilet, practice open defecation, 58% Indians eligible qualifications a flush. However, Director Sri Narayan Singh holds a mirror to society, it is showing that our superstitious villagers, lazy and corrupt politicians in India to the fact the Administration has the world’s largest ferries-how to change in the pond. Especially women are considered more sensitive than cattle.

The film used to relieve yourself of old ‘ tradition ‘ to seek vyangyapurn. Yashodhan from a documentary on this sensation. Instead TEPK is a strong love story in which the balance between entertaining and educated. Author-Siddharth-heat added to travel through this eye opening to us that how we women (Taj Mahal) need the toilet, which is among the leading couple-keshav and Jaya is done through dramatic conflicts, followed by panditji (Sudhir Pandey) and his eldest son.

          ” Biwi paas chahiye toh ghar me sandaas chahiye. “

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He isn’t your average village boy who would be a celibate before marriage or wouldn’t stalk a girl because it’s wrong. The proprietor of a cycle store, his general knowledge and understanding of the society and religious texts are also satisfactory.

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