Sandeep Kishan is a fiery producer ,Project Z is appreciating the movie

The movie is directed by SK Abdullah, directed by SK Abdullah, directed by SK Abdullah, starring Z. Sandeep Kishan and Lavanya Tripathi as hero heroines. The film is being released recently and is being released with the presence of the presenter Sk Basheed.

Speaking on this occasion, he said, “Project Z is appreciating the movie … appreciating that good film .. That’s audiences in the film. Every film has a villain but in my life the hero is Sandeep Kishan Villain and killing the movie.

Since 2007 Without any film film background, I have been doing movies that I liked for years With the help of rice and my own money, with my own money, the hero of me is Sandeep Kishan .. I have been blocking in many ways since this film .. 19 films in a row have been lost by Sandeep Kishan’s films .. So I’m going to be sentimental and dubbing my voice Somebody told me by saying .

Sandeep Kishan is not my voice in this film I have not participated in the motion and tried to stop the release of the film too … I have been prosecuted as legal and released with hard money. But Sandeep Kishan is upset with me … I am re-released I’m promoting myself … Brother my brother … call me brother I’m not worried about releasing finance with some of the people who are threatening bearers and even releasing them once again … It’s not that the Telugu audience will not accept me because Telugu Presidents have come to me .

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