Shahrukh khan’s daughter Suhana khan beating the heat, photo getting viral on social media

Everyone’s favorites in StarKids made Suhana Khan even before coming to Bollywood. Every time the media and fans are watching them. In a way they have become social media stars and viewers want to see them on the big screen soon.

Suhana Khan, daughter of Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan, is also quite active about fashion. Some time ago, the photos of the parties came together with their friends, besides their swimsuits and bikini pictures. In this way, another more beautiful picture has come out recently. This picture though posted by their fan club.

Shahrukh khan's daughter Suhana khan beating the heat, photo getting viral on social media
Image credit : Dailyhunt

In this picture, Suhana is chipping her in the swimming pool with her friend. In it, they are seen in swimsuit with black and white strip.

In addition, She has posted a video in which his friend is chipping in the swimming pool. Suhana’s smile makes people crazy. This is clearly visible in his picture.

Even if she is not ready for Bollywood yet, she will not take much time to come to the industry. Some time ago, Suhana’s mother, Gauri Khan, had given a statement that Suhana would soon be the first to make a photo shoot. Suhana is very much interested in acting and keeps participating in her school drama.

She is looking extra hot with outfit, Now she is getting ready to expose in bollywood career. Suhana khan the name is enough, Even now many producer and directors are ready to cast her but His parents taking time to make her comfortable. 






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