My sexual orientation is my identity: Karan Johar


Film Producer-director Karan Johar said today that he is not “embarrassed” about his sexual tendency, but he is proud of this because his identity is from this.

The filmmaker, who spoke about his sexual nature for the first time from his biography ‘An Unroutable Boy’, said today that this book is his last answer to the world and he does not want to speak any more.

Johar said in a channel’s program, I have not said much about my sexual tendency. I have given many hints and what I wanted to say was in my book. 

He said, I will never say that I’m embarrassed or feel ashamed to say this. I am proud of what I am and will always be there. Whatever I have written in the book is true and I remain on every word of it. 

Johar said that people criticized him for not directly cleaning things about sexuality in the book, and trolled him on social media for this.

He said, There are two types of criticisms. First, I was told that why I did not say what I wanted to say. And my answer is that it is ‘This is my right.’ Second criticism is that people asked why I am like this. There are many people who do not understand the concept of personal tendencies. 

johor said, Every morning when I wake up, I face tremendous potential on twitter, instagram and other forums. If I make pout in a picture then people make filthy comments. 

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