Priyanka chopra upcoming film on based upon kalpana’s life has been postponed because of chawla’s husband Jean-Pierre Harrison

Priyanka chopra bollywood actress staying away from hindi cinema since last 2 year, India’s international star, Desi girl, is finally coming for hindi bollywood cinema of Ali abbas zafar’s Bharat, Where Salman khan is in lead role of ‘Bharat’. But before signing bharat, There was rumor for priyanka chopra that she is going for biopic of kalpana chawla.

As for latest update, reports are to be believed, kalpana chawla biopic has been blocked for now because kalpana chawla’s husband Jean-Pierre Harrison, turned down to give right to make movie on her life. So this is bad news for priyanka chopra as well her fans from the corner of the world.

Priyanka chopra upcoming film on based upon kalpana's life has been postponed because of chawla's husband Jean-Pierre Harrison
Image credit : The Quint

according to best settled source, beside jean-pierre harrison, No one is ready to  give permission to make film on the life of kalpana chawla . After kalpana chawla’s demise, all right associated with her handovered to her husband harrison.

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There is no one beside her husband can give permission to make film on her life. It is said that kalpana’s father ready to copupp with priyanka team to make film but biopic can’t be made without permission of harrison.priyanka chopra and her team tried many times to encounter all issue of harrison but they unable to make him agree for making film based on kalpana’s life.

One of the best director of hindi cinema Priya mishra has been working for last seven year for the script of kalpana’s biopic. She met many times with her father, Bl chawla. she even got the deal signed with her father  but Jean pierre Harrison stands with  all copyright of kalpana chawla and denied for making film on her life.

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