Rajkumar Rao going to play the character of terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh, Film poster has been released

Rajkumar Rao is known for his acting and he has made many people divulge many people with his acting. Rajkumar is always known for his different characters and with a similar character, he will be seen in his new movie. In this movie Rajkumar will appear in the role of terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh and his film is in the limelight for a long time. The name of Rajkumar Rao’s new film is ‘Omerta‘ and it has been directed by Hansal Mehta.

Poster description in detail

Here in the poster of Omerta,Rajkumar Rao is seen praying and someone has kept him on his gunpoint. The poster has written – Code of Silence The story of this movie is based on the terrorist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.

You must know In 2002, Omar Saeed kidnapped Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan and murdered him. Omar was also sentenced to death for the alleged murder of a foreign journalist but could not be hanged. He is still alive today.

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Why the film name is Omerta,what is the meaning ?

Omerta is word which is taken from italian. The meaning of omerta is “The code of silence”.In the poster the code of silence has been used.This shows that he is one of the best and dangerous terrorist who is very secret, He don’t left any clue for the terrorist even. This types of code is generally used by terrorist and investigation team.Significantly, this movie received a very good review in the Toronto International Film Festival 2017.

After this, the film also has a lot of headlines in Busan International Film Festival and Mumbai Film Festival. The film will be released on April 20 in the country and the film trailer will be released two days later.

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