Now After Sonu Nigam, The Singer Suchitra Krishnamurthy is in Trouble

Sonu nigam Footprint : Months before sonu Nigam was in troll for azaan,Now suchitra Boosting her voice against azaan.

Rupeshkumar Gupta, Mumbai After the famous singer Sonu Nigam, film actress and singer Suchitra Krishnamurthy has filed an objection to the Azaan by loud speaker. She has tweeted on Twitter and has expressed his pain about it.

Film actress and singer Suchitra Krishnamurthy wrote on twitter: “Today I came home at 4:45 in the morning and heard two very raucous and deafening voices. In this way imposing religion on someone is stupid, nothing more than that ‘ .

He has written a response on another post, and wrote that he automatically gets up in Brahmaji, and automatically exercises his riyaz and yoga.I do not need a public loudspeaker to remind me of my God or to remind me of my duty. ‘ Apart from this he has written in another post, he does not have to protest against any day or any religious singing, but raising all the neighbors at 5 in the morning is not a sign of civilization.

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