Not Only Shree Devi, These 5 Stars Save Also Come In The Form Of Child Artists.

  • There is a good number of such actors in Bollywood who started their career as a child artist and when they grew older their name was increased. Alia Bhatt is one such name. Let’s tell you, Alia Bhatt has played the role of Preeti Zinta’s childhood in the 1999 film ‘Sangharsh’. Then Alia was just 6 years old.
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  • Aamir Khan has also been seen as a child artist. Aamir Khan in 1973, you will have seen everyone.
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  • Hrithik Roshan has appeared in the role of child actor in many films like ‘Aas Baat’, ‘Your Junk’, ‘Lord Dada’ in the eighties.


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  • Sanjay Dutt, who is busy shooting for his short film ‘Land’, has also appeared as a teen singer in the 1971 film “Reshma and Sherra” as a Qawwali singer.
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  • Sridevi also started his film journey as a child artist. In the South films, Mr had only debuted at the age of four, while in Bollywood, he appeared in the movie ‘Julie’ at the age of 12.
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  • The role of Urmila Matondkar in ‘Maasoom’ in the 1983 film has become quite popular. she is yet very charming and  look like childy.


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