Mother Uploaded Video By Raping A Four Year Old Son


In the United States of Cincinnati, Ohio, a 20-year-old woman was arrested for raping her own 4 four child. The Ohio police introduced the accused woman to the court, where she confessed to her crimes. The court sent the accused mother to jail with a fine of Rs 2 crore 35 lakh.

According to a website, on February 4, a 20-year-old mother living in Cincinnati, Ohio went to her bedroom with a 4-year-old child. She raped her with the first oral sex before. The accused woman also made the video itself to this whole incident. The extent has come when he uploaded this video to social media.

According to the police, according to the police, a person from the social networking site YouTube saw this video and forwarded it to the police. It was clearly seen in this video that the accused mother is dancing in front of the camera in small clothes and the child is crying loudly behind her. The police arrested the woman on February 6 on the basis of the video.

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