MLC shouting at Shahrukh khan on the sea shore, VIRAL VIDEO


These days, a video of Bollywood’s “King” Shahrukh Khan is getting viral fast. In this video, MLC Jayant Patil from Alibag in Maharashtra is very angry and the reason for this anger was Shahrukh Khan and that is why he is seen shouting at Shahrukh in the video.

Shahrukh was coming to Mumbai from Alibaug
According to media reports, this video is about the birthday of Shah Rukh Khan, when he celebrated his birthday and was coming to Mumbai from the Alibag Special Motor Boat (Yacht). According to the reports, Jayant Patil had to go to his home in Raigad, from Colaba, Mumbai and Shahrukh was coming to Mumbai from Alibaug.

Because of this, Shahrukh’s fans on the beach reached there to see him. Now, due to this crowd, the MLA got very difficult to reach the yacht. They went there and saw that the yacht’s standing there and this can not be done because of their yacht shore.After this Patil got very angry and he started shouting at Shahrukh.

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