Gujarat elections: Today will be face-to-face in Saurashtra, PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Hardik Patel


In Gujarat, the electoral hoax is at its peak. All the parties have kept the full strength. After four rallies on Monday, PM Narendra Modi will address four rallies on Wednesday. At the same time Rahul Gandhi is in Gujarat for two days and Hardik Patel will also join in the election campaign from Wednesday and will be among the farmers of Morbi.

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PM Modi’s rally is in Morbi of Rajkot, Prachi of Somnath, Palitana of Bhavnagar and Navsari of Southern Gujarat. To counter them, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is also in the Ran in Gujarat. Rahul will start his two-day tour after taking a brief decision in the Somnath temple. He will address the gathering in  Somnath, Amreli and Bhavnagar districts. During this time he will also do a road show and his rally in Amreli.

At the same time, Patidar leader Hardik Patel, who came with the Congress in the election, is also in the publicity field. They will address a gathering of farmers in Morbi. After that, discussions on tea in Morbi and discussion on the square.

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