Lisa Haydon’s first photo shoot with her son after delivery,see pics


Bollywood actresses and model Lisa Haydon has been away from the big screen for a long time and has grown up in the care of her son Jack Lallawani. However, he remains quite active on social media and shares his photos with his son. Recently, she went to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with her husband Dino and son. Where he shares the pictures on his social media account. His photos were liked by his fans.

On Monday, Lisa has made her first photo shoot with her 5-month-old son in Mumbai, but in any photograph her son’s face is not visible. However, the pictures of both are looking very sweet.

Lisa has been seen in Bollywood movie ‘Queen’, ‘Shawkines’ and ‘yeh dil hai muskil’. Apart from this, he has been in the MTV show ‘India’s Next Top Model’ for two consecutive seasons. Malaika Arora is seen as a judge in this show’s show.

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