A lady in tension just because of her reducing her personal body size

Glasgow, Scotland In today’s era many girls offer surgery to look beautiful and attractive. Most of these cases are found in which girls adopt this method for the emergence of their breasts. But there are cases in which cases of body enhancement are used to reduce the risk of surgery.

Yes, this case is something similar. In this one girl is very worried about her breast enhancement. The size of her breasts for a mere 20 year old girl has become such a problem that it now wants to get rid of it by making the surgery.

For this, he has asked for help from the people. For this, the girl has taken the help of social media. According to media reports that Jasmine Wlasi 20 years living in Scotland are suffering so much from their body they want to now direct surgery. Jasmine says she is worried about the size of her breasts and now she wants the reduction.

For this, he has appealed for help from online people. Not only this, Jasmine has also created a social media funding page named Gofundme. Here people can donate money to their wishes. Jasmine has been suffering from this problem since the age of 13 years and since then she started worrying about this matter.

When Jasmine reached college, she had a very strange experience because people saw them in a very strange way. Jasmine has always been uncomfortable for this reason. He also tells that he was afraid of going to the public at one time for this reason.

Since withstand many problems now Jasmine help it is decided that the surgery he will overcome it. However, it will cost about Rs. 6 lakhs. Jasmine does not have enough money, because of this she has sought help from people to raise money for surgery.

She says that I was very much hesitant to make this page before because in the world there are more needy people than me. However, I need your help. My life has become difficult with a continuous body part. In this case, it has become necessary to do the surgery. Jasmine further said, I have only 1 thousand pounds for surgery.


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