Fashion Trend : Mirror works in saree,lehenga choli and kurti

When it comes to fashionable clothes, people’s choices are changing day by day. Some trends also come back in this fashion trend. These days, the mirror work used in clothing is also such a trend. In today’s time the trend of mirror work is increasing rapidly in clothing. Designers drawn from the mirror work are making fun of the people. Whether it is a kurti or a sari, the demand for this look has increased.

Beautiful women looks different  

Fashion Trend : Mirror works in saree,lehenga choli and kurti
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It is quite attractive if the sari is prepared from mirror work on the border of the sari. The boutique owner Shalini Singh explains that the mirror work performed on a brassiered with traditional gown is very beautiful, in the same way these mirrors are being liked in the blouse with any designer sari. Nowadays, mirror work is being done on many dresses, which makes the beauty of the dress sparkle. Mirrors can wear sari with work and wear them for a casual outing with light-colored blouses as they wear in the wedding party.

Special demands in Kurtis and Lehenga

Fashion Trend : Mirror works in saree,lehenga choli and kurti
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Manoj, manager of sari store, points out that the demand for mirror work sarees these days is high. This fashion was first but now again this trend is gaining momentum. From a particular occasion to the party, such saris are becoming a center of attraction. The women are also demanding mirror work lehengas these days. Indigo Blue, Golden, Pastel Shades, and Mustard Shades made from Mirror Work are in much more fashion. The typical feature of traditional mirror work is that the glass does not get pasted on the fabric, but it is stitched with colorful threads. When the colorful beautiful mirror stitches are arranged on different pieces of lace, bodice and sardine, it gives a great look to the clothes.

Fashion Trend : Mirror works in saree,lehenga choli and kurti

Perfect for every look

The biggest feature of mirror work outfits is that Indian Wear is perfect for casual or party wear look with Indo-Western style. However, outfits of mirror work are more expensive because they are handmade. In addition to different shaped mirrors such as round, square and tricone, girls are also liked to have their buttons size and mirrors of many big size girls on their clothes. Mirrors with these different designs are being used with colorful threads ranging from short kurtis to lehenga choli.

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