Learn how much is the charge, if you do not have minimum balance in ICICI, withdraw from ATM, Free of cost


At this time it is necessary to have a bank account for every person. The government is also encouraging people to open bank accounts under Jan Dhan Yojana. But in big cities large number of people are private bank ICICI customers.

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Learn about this – know, how much is the charge, if not the minimum balance in ICICI, how many times the cash withdrawal from the ATM is minimized balance for free savings accounts.

First of all you need to be 18 years old to open a common savings account in ICICI.

In the ICICI Bank, 4 categories of Managing Savings Account have been made. Metro, Semi Urban, and Rural .

10,000 rupees for Metro, 5,000 for Semi Urban, 2,000 for Rural and 1000 rupees for Rural.

Charge if minimum balance is low :

If you are unable to complete Minimum Avoidance Balance in three months, account holders of Metro, Urban and Semi Urban and Rural will have to pay a rate of 5 per cent on 100 and Minimum Avoid Balance.

But the rural account holders have a discount of 100 rupees. They have to pay only 5 per cent of the Minimum Avoidance Balance.

Money withdrawal charge from ATM

ICICI’s 5 times the free withdrawal from the ATM. While the other banks’ ATMs are exempt from free withdrawals only 4 times. After that every exit will cost 20 rupees.

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