Laptop catches fire in indigo flight from thiruvananthapuram to bangalore


In the last one week, Indigo has been in the presidency. IndiGo’s Thiruvananthapuram-Bangalore flight shows a sensational case of fire in a laptop during a flight. The incident is being told on Saturday.

The crew extinguished the fire with the help of a fire extinguisher The incident was reported when passengers on the flight number 6E-445 (VT-IGV) complained of burning sensation with crew members. After that crew members found that the stinking black bag is coming from. After this passenger passengers were removed from there. By the time the flight was not safe land, the laptop was immersed in water. However, there is no news of any kind of damage.

According to the Times of India, while confirming the incident, Indigo spokesman said, “Thiruvananthapuram – Bangalore’s Flight Number 6E-445 crew members noticed that the smell of smoke from the cabin is coming. They immediately informed the pilot-in-command of the flight. The fire was engraved in a laptop kept in a black bag. Crew members shifted the passengers sitting in the adjoining seat while being courteous. Fire extinguished the fire with the help of fire-fighting equipment. Until secure landing at Bangalore Airport, the laptop was immersed in water. ‘

It is worth noting that a note of Indigo in the month of September was a fire in the Samsung Note 2 smartphone. After this, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had told all the aviation companies that they would not allow any smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy Note-2 series included in this accident to be taken within the aircraft. The Directorate had summoned Samsung company officials on Monday. Although this was the first incident in India.

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