Landlord Raped Every Night, Three Months Later, Open Secret


Victim shows his confidence and said she was rapping since 3 months from the landlord in delhi

The Delhi Women’s Commission (DCW) and the police took five days to understand the sexual abuse victim’s point of view. The commission had released a domestic helper from a house in Patel Nagar on Saturday. Allegations that the owner of the house was sexually exploiting the victim for the last three months with the victim.

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The victim is originally from West Bengal and does not know how to speak Hindi. To understand the matter of the victim, the translator got on Wednesday, after which the police filed the complaint.

Keeping this in mind, the DCW has requested Resident Welfare to provide such a list of translators present on the panel.

About the victim, the commission received a complaint through the helpline. The Commission on which the NGO, along with the local police, released the victim. The victim told that her owner was sexually exploiting her for three months. When the other members of the family went out in the house, the landlord was sexually exploited with him.

Commission President Swati Jaihind said that the victim has been sent to Shelter Home, while the Commission has written a letter to the RWA to fulfill the lack of translator.

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