Short film review : Fantastic message from the film Dum Dum Dumroo, You must watch once


In today’s era of digitization, the market of short films is growing rapidly and every day new-shot films are pulling viewers on their side. These short films also have entertainment and messages too.Now a days you are well known by Youtube channel, There are no. of youtube channel who making short films and people liking it at global level.

Sanaya irani and Anil Charanjeet film Dum Dum Dumroo are also increasingly viral on the internet these days. Whose message is no less than ayushman khurana’s film vicky Donor.

Director Akash Goyala has once again raised the same subject in his film, about which people are ashamed even in today’s round. We don’t understand how people ashamed todays in modern era.

Short film review : Fantastic message from the film Dum Dum Dumroo, You must watch once
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Story of Short film 

The film’s story revolves around Sanaya Irani and Anil Charanjit. Sanaya is a doctor in a hospital. Anil works in the same hospital, but Sanaya takes Anil’s movements differently. Story looks slightly different from different short story.

It may be considered initially by seeing Anil’s behavior. The extent is limited when he gets Anil caught watching adult movie on his mobile. After that, the incident forces him to complain of Anil’s complaint with the hospital management. But when Sanaya finds out the reality of Anil’s behavior, he feel sorry.

Message from the short film Dum Dum Dumroo

Here in newly era of youngsters people shy to talk about sperm donor. People feel uncomfortable to talk about these things publicly. So here by the film people getting message “Don’t shy about the things where your future stands”. Here you will think about bollywood film vicky donor for some time. 

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