Gujarat elections (Rahul gandhi said) : During demonetisation people belonging to high profile went bank from backdoor 


As soon as the Gujarat assembly elections are approaching, the attack on each other by the Congress and the BJP has become faster.

On Friday, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi attacked Modi government’s economic policies by launching his two-day visit to Porbandar, the birthplace of Bapu’s birthplace, Porbandar. Addressing the rally, he said that Gujarat is not just 5-10 business people, it is of farmers, laborers and small businessmen.

Speaking a tirade against the Center’s note-making verdict, Rahul Gandhi said, “At that time when you used to be in line, did you see any suit and boot? I did not see why I did not see because they had already entered the back and sat in the AC inside the bank. ‘
The Congress vice president said that we do not want to talk to you about your mind, but rather we want to listen to your mind. Congress will win in the elections to be held in December, and after coming to power, your mind will be listened to.

Gandhi said in his address to the fishermen in the new pandal area here that the government is not giving subsidy of Rs 300 crore on petrol diesel to farmers for farming, but this is giving big money to industrialists. Last year, the Modi government, who owed a debt of Rs 1.25 billion to 10-15 industrialists, is going to waive the debt of Rs 6 lakh crore in the coming time but the farmers of Gujarat do not forgive the debt.

They said – ‘Fishermen had said that the work that the farmer does is fisherman, the fishermen should have a different ministry and if our government is formed then we will do this work.’

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