Gujarat Congress leader said ‘Sardar Patel’s DNA in Hardik’


The statement of Shakti Singh Gohil of Gujarat Congress has created a controversy in which he had said that Hardik Patel had “Sardar Patel’s DNA” in him. The BJP condemned the statement, saying that comparison is an insult to the first Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who is also known as “Iron Man”.

A relative of Sardar Patel also said that the two can not be compared because Sardar Patel has worked for “the unity of the country” while the hearty “sharing” is working. Tell that Gujarat Congress Senior leader Shakti Singh Gohil had said on Monday that the continuous and correct attitude of Hardik in dealing with the ruling BJP in the state shows that he has “DNA of Sardar Patel”, which was broken by the British Could not press. After the sex clip of the hearty palette on social media, he said,”Hardik Patel is fighting a battle of injustice against his community, which can not be bought from the crores of rupees (BJP chief) Amit Shah, and despite being kept in jail for months, he could not be broken.

said, “There is Sardar Patel’s DNA in it, which was not bought or broken by the British too. Similarly, the BJP can not buy Hardik nor can he scare away. “

BJP leader Mansukh Mandavia said on the statement of Gohil that Hardik’s comparison with Sardar Patel is an insult to the iron man, Gujarat and the country. He said, “Saying that a person who has been caught in such a shameful sex (sex clips), there is Sardar Patel’s DNA in it, it is an insult to him. In Congress, there has been tradition of insulting Sardar Patel and it is an insult to the country as well as Gujarat. “

Sardar Patel’s son Sameer Patel also dismissed Gohil’s comment. He said, It is shocking to say that Hardik Patel has Sardar Patel’s DNA as Sardar Patel has done the job of connecting the country while the hardliners are dividing the country.

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