Government slogans on Gorakhpur case, CM says – Due to dirt, the minister said – deaths occur in August


There has been a heart attack in Gorakhpur. Government hospital of Gorakhpur became a cemetery for children. Here the hospital’s negligence caused sleep death for many children. One-by-one, 33 innocent people died inside the hospital. This incident is from BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur, where 13 children were killed in NNU ward and 17 Encephalitis wards.

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It is being told that due to non-payment of 69 lakh rupees, the supply of oxygen supply had stopped the supply of oxygen from Thursday night. According to the news, 63 children have died in the last 5 days. However, the hospital administration denied the lack of oxygen. While taking action, the principal of the hospital’s BRD Medical College has been suspended. In addition, the inquiry committee has been formed.

At the same time, Chief Yogi Aditya Nath has blamed the dirt for the death of children. Yogi Adityanath, who came to the Ganga Gram Sammelan program in Yamuna crossing area of ​​Allahabad, said that dirt is a major reason behind the death in Gorakhpur. He said that septic tanks make people in homes, due to the lack of space, the dirt spreads and then it takes a terrible form.However, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed to conduct a thorough check of the spot and ensure strict action. In addition, Union Health Minister JP Nadda has sought a report from the state administration for this incident. Apart from this, he has instructed the Minister of State (Health), Anupriya Patel, to immediately visit the hospital.

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At the same time, Health Minister Siddhartha Nath Singh, who came to Gorakhpur, said that this incident is serious. Our government is sensitive. Chief Minister talked to us Nobody told about oxygen supply. Every year in August children are killed. The delicate children come to the hospital. 567 children died in 2014. There was no talk about gas supply on CM tour. Children died due to different reasons. Due to lack of gas, children did not die.Looking at the issue of oxygen supply. Oxygen gas cylinders last from 7.50 pm to 11.30 pm No supply was received from 11:30 to 01:30, but during this time no child died. There is no shortage of oxygen. The arrangement remains that if the gas cylinders are kept then the system has started immediately.

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