This former Indian captain, who came in support of Yuvraj and Raina, said, the exemption of Yo-Yo Test for both the players


The explosive batsmen Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina, who are running out of the Indian team, have got the support of former captain Mohammad Azharuddin. They have advocated Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina to be back in the team. Azharuddin said that at the level of fitness, both of these players should get some relaxation. To join the Indian team, it has been necessary to pass the Yo Yo Test and in this Test Yuvraj and Raina are constantly failing, due to which they are not getting place in the team. On the one hand in the Yo-Yo Test, players like Virat Kohli, Dhoni and Manish Pandey are easily able to score a score of 20 and 21, while Yuvraj and Raina are not able to score on the other hand. The Indian team has set a standard for the score of 19 in the yo-yo test. If a player gets less than a score of 19 in the Yo-Yo Test, then there is no place in his team.

In an event in Dubai, former captain Mohammad Azharuddin said on the Yo Yo Test, “I do not know what this test is. But it is very important for all the players to fit into the team, so everyone should fit.” Asked about Yuvraj and Raina, the players who are at the final stop of their careers and are doing well, they should get some relaxation in this Test. He said that Yuvraj and Raina are very useful for the team, both of them are able to win the team on their own. Azhar said that a few days ago he had met Raina, he was quite fit.

Yuvraj and Raina are working hard to return to the team. Both players keep posting photos of their own exercise on social media. Yuvraj played his last match in the West Indies. Since this tour, they are running out of the team. Both the players have not been successful in quitting the Ranji matches so far. Now to see if Yuvraj and Raina can return to the team or not.

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