Facebook Steps Up To Televise Market

After establishing domination over social media, Facebook is now taking a big step towards the television market. In this sequence, Facebook has launched a watch service in which program video will be shown. Under this service, users can see from professional women’s basketball to safari shows and parenting programs. Let us know that initially this service will be made available only on the Facebook mobile app, website and TV app.

According to the news, Facebook has partnered with Vox Media, Bangfied, ATTN, Group 9 Media and other entertainment creators for this service. Facebook has long been looking forward to trying out this hand in this market. It is being said that Facebook is trying to become the source of original and good videos. Until then, only the users of the videos were seen on Facebook.

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Facebook’s product director Daniel Danker said, “We have known that people like to watch videos in news feeds, but they also want a fixed space to watch the video.” Meanwhile, Facebook’s chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said that If users are watching an episode through service, then they will also be able to make chats in the meantime. They will also be able to connect with people who like to see the same program.

According to Facebook, Watch includes the Women’s National Basketball Association, Time Company’s patenting show, National Geographic Safari Show. With this, Facebook can also launch two original programs. Facebook has opened the platform to the creators to distribute their shows.

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