Delhi : possibility of toxic air relief, may occur on 14-15 November Light rain


There is a news of relief for Delhi, forced to breathe a poisonous air in about a week. Let us tell you that there is a forecast of light rain in Delhi on November 14 and 15, so that the city dwellers can get respite from poisonous air in the city of Smog.

Due to smog the air has been polluted, which is harmful for people’s health. In Delhi, the minimum temperature was recorded at 13 degrees Celsius, which is one degree less than the average temperature of this season. Maximum temperature was recorded at 28.4 degree Celsius. Humidity levels are between 98 per cent and 51 per cent.

According to the Meteorological Department, there will be light fog in Delhi this morning and the sky will remain clear during the day. Department officials said that there is expected to be light rain on 14 and 15 November in Delhi, which will leave the smug and people of Delhi will get some relief.

Let’s say that due to the dense smog in Delhi in the last few days, the air has been polluted and in order to improve it, the administration has taken some emergency measures including stoppage of construction activities and four times the increase in parking fee.

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